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53. I wanna be cute wearing black- creepy cute vs pastel goth vs nu goth

Hello everyone!
During this year a lot of  tumblr styles got famous. We already made a post about pastel goth but i felt like there's not much informations about creepy cute which is similar but still so different. And of course when we're talking about goth-like styles we have to talk about nu'goth, so let's start.

Creepy Cute
Like i said before, it's a new born style from tumblr and i feel like Saccstry had a lot influence on it's popularity. But whos Saccstry? She's a deviantart artist (here's her da page). She makes a gorgeous arts. And all of her drawings are pretty...original.

You can find tshirts, blouses, and all the stuffs with her graphics. What do you think when you look at them? "Creepy...but cute." And that's exactly what you will find in this style, some blood, some scars, some pinkish and gliter things. It's less pastel and more neon than pastel goth. It feels like pastel goth is softer. Second person who made this style more popular is elfgutz. She's making amazing bjd dolls. She is great in what she's doing and you can find a lot of people's make ups inspired by her dolls. 

What else can you find in creepy cute? Pixel arts, offensive language, teeth (it was the most strange thing for me) some cute stuff, glitter, glitter and some more glitter and blood. Cyclops are really popular as well tho, and all the strange monsters like aliens, half-man half-wolf, sea creatures. But that's still a new style and there's a lot of interpretations out there.

I had a really hard time looking for some stylizations which are actually creepy cute and i'm a bit disapointed, cause a lot of stuff we can find under creepy cute tag are pastel goths so i think i'll let it be, and when i find something nice i'll post it again.

Nu Goth
Nu Goth is the oldest brother in family. It's basiclly, as it's name says, modern goth. So you still should wear black and crosses and spooky things modern way. Great example of nu goth is Wylona Hayashi (she is tottaly gorgeus in my opinion).

What's popular here? Black dresses of course, crosses, dark flower crowns, hats, black lipsticks and John Lennon-like glasses. Basically, you can take some normal black clothes from random shop, and make them look nu goth. It's inspired with some recent fashion but also 80s Goths. It uses some vintage pieces as well. 

I've recently got really into nu goth and even tried to  make a stylization (yeah i tried).

selfie yaay

That's all for today, i hope it's helpful.
So see you soon, mermaids.

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