niedziela, 8 lutego 2015

62. Dresslink- review

Hello marshmallows!
Some time ago, I made a post about online store- Dresslink and today I'm going to write about things I bought there!
So, I choosed Galaxy Hoodie and Cat wallet . It came after 3 weeks of waiting, maybe, so it's a normal amount of time.
And here they are!

Well, in case of Galaxy Hoodie, it's not really a hoodie. I'd call it a blouse. Not bad quality, for a blouse worth 5$ so I'm not disappointed. But I guess I could take smaller size than XL but yeah.

Sleeves are really pretty, well I bought this just because of them. There's no information how to wash it, and it looks like they can be washed out easily so I'm a bit concerned.

And a kitty wallet! I really needed to costumize it, so i added my chibi Thor pendant. I'm tottaly in love with this wallet, it's small, and you can't put there any type of cards, but it has a grumpy cat face duh. 
Summing up, I'm quite amused with my purchases, I will probably buy something else soon. 

Quality: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Shipping: 4/5

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