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64. How to NeoGal?

So, probably anyone who is interested in internet fashion bump into "neogal" somewhere on tumblr or instagram, but what is this mysterious thing?
Basically, the full name is Neo-gyaru, in short Neogal, but if we want to know exactly what this style is, we have to read Japanese ViVi Magazine, because you won't find any strict rules anywhere.

1 見かけを外国人風にしているオシャレ大好きギャル
2 即攻海外のトレンドをインスタで取り入れるSNS系ヲタギャル

3 ハイブリーチで白系金髪やパープル系の髪の毛にしているコ
4 NOT男モテ!ちょいストな女子モテギャル

1 A girl who models her fashion after Western trends
2 Gal who uses Instagram and other social media to catch overseas trends
3 One who bleaches her hair to white blond or purple
4 Isn't trying to impress boys with fashion but a popular yet stoic type of gyaru


As you can see, japanese gyaru are evolving into something much more classic, inspired by 90s.

But there is also this "internet" part of this style, which is more crazy.

What can you find in this style:
  • Neon colors
  • Bleached or colorful hair, with a lot of pigtails
  • Strong eye make up
  • Glitter and all the rainbow clothes from 90s
  • High heels
It's pretty hard to define this style, because it's pretty young and chaotic. The most recognizable reprezentant is probably Alisa Ueno, whos even considered as one of the main creator of neogal.

She create neogal's basic rule, you don't care what other people think about your look.

If you are looking for some amazing representaives  you should check those instagrams out:
  • https://instagram.com/mizu_princess/
  • https://instagram.com/rubyrubygloom/
  • https://instagram.com/jenelises/


Here's Chi's video with neogal makeup 

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